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Here's my preview of Pets for PC.

Create a Pet

I started a new Sunset valley neighborhood and not Appaloosa Plains,, deliberately to see if all Pets stuff is also available in another neighborhood. One thing I noticed is that I didn't see any wild horses or strays. Perhaps that takes time to spawn just like celebs when starting a new Neighborhood. Or perhaps they're all in the woods, but I didn't want to spend too much time searching the whole neighborhood as time was limited.

Since I recieved the most questions about the horses, I first started up Create-a-Sim. You can't make a family of just horses so first you need to make a Sim. To start up Create-a-Pet, just click on the 'add a new sim or pet' button and there you pick either a Sim, horse, cat or dog. Then the background changes into a stable where you start with your horse. In the first tab, you need to choose a first and last name and choose between male or female. Also the age must be chosen here (adult or elder) In the second tab, you can pick a race. I counted 31 horse races.
In the next tab you choose the fur. You get a very versatile way to create everything you can come up with. You have several layers which each can get multiple colors. When you choose a layer, it's just a small spot but you can strech it out over the horse where ever you want it to go. I must say that this is much more complicated then what you're used to with the Sims Create-a-Style. It's really getting used to and I expect some really crazy designs when the game is just out.
I didn't saw an option to use patterns though; just colors but perhaps I just missed it. Oh and I forgot to make a screenshot of the horses so here's a cat instead.

After the fur, you can change the shape of the horse like eyes, ears, etc.
In the last tab you choose your 3 traits, change the pitch of the horses' 'voice' (there's just one type of voice) and ofcourse write a bio.
I made a male and female horse and once you confirmed your family, you can change the relationship between them. You can choose housemates, brother/sister or pals. I chose the last option and found that this option considers them married as it showed a weddingring in their relationship bar.


Once in the neighborhood, I tried to make them woohoo with eachother (I wanted to see the little horses), but even though their relation was maxed and they had a lot of friendly interaction with eachother, the woohoo option never showed up. Just recently, I found out they can only woohoo in the stables. I didn't check out the stables but I believe those are only rabbitholes. At least there aren't options in buy or buildmode to make a stable at home.
Don't worry about that too much; there are more then enough options to make your own barn or stable at home. There's a feeding space for horses, hay, barndoors and lots of other barn decorations.
One important thing: Horses can't go inside buildings. You can lock them up by building a wall around them but they can't go through doors. Sadly I haven't checked if they can go through barndoors; I guess it would be logical that they can, but I can't confirm it.

New lots

Here's a screenshot of one of the horsestables. It's a rabbithole where your sim can learn horseriding and also purchase a new horse (and perhaps where your horses can make little horses).
If you want it in another neighborhood like Sunset valley, you first need to change the type into Commercial-horsestable or else you can't place it.

There are several other new residential buildings by the way: 2 horsestables, a new garbagedump, a field to train horses, a saloon, a new consignment shop, a new firebrigade building, beautyparlor, horse racetrack, barn, a dogpark and catjungle.


As for interactions; There are lots. Horses between eachother have many options: Mean and Friendly options, playful, social etc, etc. The 'Being social' is very funny as they start to 'talk' with eachother with the usual balloons over their heads. Ofcourse it also depends which traits you give them.
There are less options towards sims, but they can for example beg for a carrot. Clicking on an active horse, gives you the option to pee, nap, gallop, etc.

A bit about the unicorn: The developers didn't want to say how you can get one, but perhaps someone from the other fansites found out. Oddly enough, the unicorn that was shown was white from the front and had a dark fire pattern for its back. In the demo, they showed how the unicorn scared away some bad Sims by burning their evil hideout.

Cats and Dogs

I didn't play much with the dogs and cats. I saw them hunting a bird and if they cath it, they can bring it back to a sim. This is something that can be trained as it is a skill.
Pets can interact with many, many household objects. It's really a matter of checking everything. The bed for example gives options like Sleep, Nap, Lay under and Jump to. The toilet has options like Drink from and Play in. And a pet can guard the family car.

Caged animals

And lastly some info about the caged animals. They're not just for being pretty, but they have quite a few options: Look at, Feed, Take, Name, Carry, Free, Play with, Check info about, Order to guard.., and birds can also be learned to talk. Below a screenshot of a cat guarding the car and some pics with caged animals:


Now to a few questions I recieved:

Will Unicorns and wild horses show up in other neighborhoods? Yes they will.

Can we create puppies/kittens/young horses in Create-a-Pet? No, just adult and elder.

Can we bring our pets on vacation (world adventures)? Yes you can.

Can toddlers use the pet beds? No they can't.

Can you give a pet in adoption? Yes you can give them up for adoption and ofcourse get new pets from this adoption service. When you do, you get a warning that a pet comes with great responsibilities and such and once you confirm, a Sim comes to your house to bring your new pet.

Can you bring your animals back from the dead? Yes you can.

Will dogs poo or pee? There's no poo but they will pee. With the pee comes a rather large censor as you can see in this screenshot.

Any lifetime rewards for Pets? They don't have a lifetime wish but they do have a full list of rewards. Dogs and cats have the same rewards, but horses have several others.
Check them all here: Pet rewards

There are seveal new Lifetime wishes for sims though. These 3 come up when you give your Sims the animal lover trait:
Animal rescuer: Adopt 6 strays
The fairytale researcher: Adopt a unicorn
Arcbuilder: Obtain 2 of each: Cats, dogs, horses, birds, reptiles, rodents, snakes, butterflies and beetles.


The pets all act very natural and they look great. A big new neighborhood, many new features like the collection creator and several new community buildings makes this pack interesting even for those that don't like pets.
There are 2 things that bothered me a bit. First is how the horses remove their riding gear like the saddle and such. They stand on 2 legs and spin around just like a Sim. This looked a bit silly to me and I rather saw they did this differently.
Second is that Sims autonomously start to ride their horse and then just wonder off to who knows where. If you have multiple family members and one is missing, don't be surprised it rode to the other side of town.

I'd like to give a big thanks to EA Netherlands who gave the opportunity to see the game.