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 Forum Rules (Please Read!) 
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Post Forum Rules (Please Read!)

  1. Don't post anything inappropriate.
    Keep things clean. This forum was made for users of all ages. Don't post about adult material or links to torrents, illegal and pirated content, cracks or serial codes to programs of any kind. See rule #10 about inappropriate signatures, avatars and links in profile.

  2. Respect other members and staff.
    Be respectful to all members and staff. Never swear at other members. If you must express anger then that's fine. But make sure your swearing is not directed at anyone as this is considered disrespect and do not over use the privilege to swear on here. No harassing or threatening any members via post or PM. If you have a problem with any member or staff member you need to address that person via PM or some other mode of contact. Personal issues are not to be taken up on the forum. Also, if you have a problem with a disciplinary action a staff member has issued you should contact an administrator.

  3. No spam allowed.
    Spam is not allowed. This includes meaningless posts, posts with one or two words, posts with just smilies, in all caps or chatspeak**. Threads are expected to stay on topic. Topics that begin to go into another direction may be subject to being split.
    ** (except in Fun & Games)

  4. No double posting or unnecessary bumping.
    If you have something to add to a post use the edit button and add to the original one. You may bump a topic but don't overuse it, however, don't bump topics that are unnecessary to bump (for example... "What did you get for Christmas?" when it's June).
    ** If you don't know how to bump a topic properly please see here: General Info. Topic

  5. Making topics.
    Try not to make duplicate topics. Use the search feature at the top of the forum to look to see if the topic you are wanting to make a thread on already exists. In addition, when starting topics be sure they are being made in the correct forum and fitting titles (for example don't title a topic "looky looky here!")

  6. No excessive quoting.
    Do not quote large amounts of text or images. Do not start or participate in quote pyramids. Do not quote images if they are on the same page that you are posting on.

  7. Only one account allowed.
    Only one account per user. Duplicate accounts will be deleted. If two (or more) members of your household belong to the forum it would be wise to let us know so that the accounts do not get deleted.

  8. Use of the spoiler tag.
    Use the spoiler tag when it's for a spoiler like in shows, movies, books, etc... that the member might not want to see. Or for images if you're posting more then four or the picture or combined pictures are more than 600 x 600. This helps users on a slower connection.

  9. Right to privacy.
    Do not post screen shots of PMs or conversations with people via any messengers, email, etc... unless you have their consent to do so. Also, no sharing of anyone's personal information.

  10. Avatars & signatures guidelines.
    They are a privilege and not a right. Signature images should in total be no larger than 600 x 400. In addition to this your signature (or avatar) should not contain links to spam, inappropriate material or text or images that are inappropriate. This also goes for all links in your profile. If you're unsure on whether your avatar or signature will break this rule then don't use it or get it OKed with a staff member. Your right to have an avatar or signature may be revoked for failing to follow this rule.


  • What if I see a post that breaks the rules?
    Please use the report button in the bottom right corner of said post. A staff member will deal with it accordingly.

  • What if I am having problems with a member?
    Send a PM to a staff member to let them know what is going on.

  • What if I break a rule?
    Depending upon which rule you break and the severity of the infraction, you will be issued a warning whether it be a simple PM warning or a formal board warning. If you persist in breaking rules you will eventually receive a temporary ban. If things continue to escalate you will be permanently banned and no longer welcome on the forum.

  • I have a question not answered here.
    If you have any other questions they may be answered in our General Information Topic or you can always PM a staff member for help. :)

    Note: We understand people make mistakes so don't feel threatened if you accidentally break a rule. And don't feel too worried about the rules and consequences. For the most part if you just use your common sense you'll be just fine.

NOTE: If you want to use these rules in whole or part please ask me (Kira) for permission. Thanks.

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