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Things to do while in Season - Fall and Spring

Now Fall.

groom leaves

man fall

During the fall the leaves loves to fall of the trees. So lots of cleaning up the leaves from the ground. As you can see the transition to the next season.


Lastly Spring

music leftover

Lets get your groove on with the new stations like New Age. Six New songs to enjoy with your lovely date. Or go out it solo style.
Did you just let your date go home without eating all the food? Well now you can store leftovers in the fridge. Just make sure it does not spoil.


Gardening System

Now we have a real nice gardening system. Where you can grow all your fruits and plants and sell them to customers are store them for later. Seasons gives us the option to create our very own greenhouse. This is so the bugs do not disturb the food we are trying to tend and water.

tip greenhouse

garlight plants

As you can see the blue 'range" thing are sprinkler systems that will water your plants every day. So no more calling the gardener.
Now we have more options of lighting up our nice tended garden with the new lights.

talking crow

She gets to plant many more plants then the normal simmies because she is special.
Talking to plants is a good way to stay social to ones true nature.
You can now have your very own scarycrow to watch over your garden from bad things.

pests es

Make sure to get rid of the bugs with your very own pesticides. But be careful, something interesting might happen if you play with it too much.


If you think you are very good at growing plants, why not join the Garden Club Membership? It is all free to join too. Remember you can biodegrade your food so the plants grow faster. The secret Transformation happens during gardening. Not sure exactly how lol.


Gardening does take up a lot of time but it's worth it because you can make your own juices.



Community Lot Stuff
There's not much going on in the Community lots but when you go there is tons of fun for all different age groups.

Ever wanted to go ice skating or roller blading during the summer? Well now In Seasons we can. Make sure you have a lot of body before you jump right in. You can play with kids all day long on the ice. skate
Ever wish you can fish for your own food or win badges? Well now we all can fish in the nearby pond. Hope you can catch some big fish with the new worms they offer. The hints pop-up shows you exactly what to do. Very nice guide. fish
Here is a man fishing to his hearts content. It will take him a very long time to catch a fish. No he can not fish over the deck instead he will always find the nearest spot to fish on land. Maybe all the simmies are afraid they might fall in and drown? But no, you can only fish standing up along side the ponds. fishing
You can now grill your own fish that you brought with you. bbqs



We get 6 new jobs and 6 new rewards.


I got to play the adv. career somewhat. It was very wierd which I really enjoyed doing. But I didn't stay that long.

jobse edu skull

hero journ pod

Extras Plus Bloopers
Just wanted to see if she gets pregnant.
Forgot I had 0 cooking skill and he wanted my attention
I couldn't get her default hair back.
Reaper stole the dude away.

So much playing the game I just had to pass out.


By Snooty Sims Gm Boines G. S.