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Expansion delayed/td> 9 October
The upcoming expansion Get Together has been delayed til December 8. The Sims team wants to add a few more items and features to it.
Check the news here: New releasedate

New blog/td> 1 October
SimGuruGraham posted a blog about the recently released Spooky Stuff. Here you can read about how to make a scary looking house.
Check it here: New blog

New poll 1 October
There's a new poll. The question is if you want toddlers in Sims 4. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you buy every pack and expansion. A large 38% hasn't bought a single pack yet! And 1 out 4 only gets a few. Are the packs not interesting enough or is The Sims 4 just not appealing to many people? Only 22% will buy everything.
842 people voted and here are the results:

Do you buy every pack and expansion;
- Yes, I buy everything there is: 22%
- I get most, but not everything: 15%
- Only a few that interest me: 25%
- Haven't bought a single pack yet: 38%

Spooky Stuff 26 September
Spooky Stuff has been announced. A new Stuff pack that contains new clothings and items based on Halloween. Spooky Stuff will be released on September 29.
Read more about it here: Blog by SimGuruGraham

A new patch has also been released which includes a couple new interactions, a new trait and ofcourse some bugfixes.
Check the patchnotes here: Patch notes

Interview 14 September
Metro.co.uk had an interview with Rachel Franklin, the vice president and general manager of The Sims Studios. They talked to her about the future of the franchise, the technical aspect, toddlers and many other things.
Check it here: Interview

New blog 27 August
TheSims.com posted a new blog on the upcoming Get Together expansion. The blog goes into detail about how clubs work and how Sims behave in them.
Read it here: New blog

New poll 22 August
There's a new poll. The question is if you buy every pack and expansion. Click here to vote: New poll.

New blog 18 July
Spa Day has been released and on the Sims.com, you can find a blog with some tips.
Read it here: How to Make Your Own Spa in The Sims 4

New patch 9 July
There's a new patch for the game. This patch also includes half walls, lockable doors and some new items.
Read the patch notes here: New patch

Patio trailer 16 June
EA released a trailer for the Perfect Patio pack.
See it here: Official Trailer

New patch and new Pack announced 11 June
New patch
A new patch is arrived and this time it includes a whole new neighborhood! It's an empty neighborhood with 15 lots.
Check all the details about this patch here: New patch

New pack
A new Stuff pack has been announced: Perfect Patio. It includes several new outdoor items like a new bar and grill.
Check the details here: New Pack

Luxury Stuff out 19 May
Luxury Stuff is now available. Check the launch trailer here: Official Trailer

Luxury Party announced 14 May
EA has officially announced their first Sims 4 Stuff pack. Luxury Party Stuff will come out on May 19 and will cost $10,-
Read some info about it here: Announcement

Star Wars 5 May
Some new Star Wars costumes can be found in the latest patch.
You can read the patch notes here: New patch

A blog about this patch can be found here: Celebrate Star Wars Day

New patch 15 April
There's a new patch. Read all the fixes here: New patch

New blog 10 April
There's a new blog on thesims.com.
Read it here: 6 Things You Should Try as a Business Owner

Get to Work reviews 7 April
A couple of news sites posted their review of Get to Work:
- Gamezone: 75%
- Game Revolution: 70%
- Game Rant: 60%
- Godisageek: 75%
- Stuff.co.nz: 80%

Simlish 6 April
On Thesims.com there's a new article about the group Echosmith who sing in Simlish in the new expansion.
Read it here: Singing in Simlish with Echosmith

Site news 4 April
As you may have noticed, I've edited the site so it's not so incredibly stretched out on wide screen monitors.
My own monitor died on me recently and after getting a very wide screen, I noticed the site doesn't look very good on it. After checking other sites I decided on the current width.

For those on small screens, let me know if this becomes a problem viewing things. If so though, the other color themes (can be chosen to the right) are still the same as before the change and I may decide to make a seperate 'width' choice like the colors.

New patch 27 March
The new patch is out. Read all the updates here: New patch

Basements 26 March
There's a new blog on theSims.com. It's about basements coming in tomorrows patch.
Read it here: Get Ready for Basements in The Sims 4

Launch trailer 24 March
The launchtrailer has been released: Official Launch Trailer


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