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Welcome to the new SnootySims

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Welcome to SnootySims 2.0

Welcome to the relaunched version of! After some months of work we have now relaunched and we hope you enjoy visiting us! Here you will find all the greatest mods and custom content downloads available for the Sims – be it the latest clothes, furniture, hairstyles or accessories. Even if you are looking for a new car or a new sim pet – you will find it here! Snootysims is your central base for all the great stuff available in the internet. It is basically the shopping mall for your Sim – but one little difference: it is all 100% for free 🙂

Relaunching a website with long tradition

Only some of may remember the times when the first part of the Sims series was published. Shortly after that the creator of the game, Will Wright, had another „game changing“ idea for a completely new type of simulator, the life simulator (after before having developed the first city simulator). It was the beginning of the most successful game series with so far four releases, many more expansion packs and even more custom content created by the community. SnootySims was part of this long and absolutely unique journey – since the beginning of the series, for almost twenty years now, the website was one of the largest Sims fansites worldwide. With the relaunch, a new team overtook the website. We would like to thank Snooty, the founder of this website, for the trust handling his website over to us.

A new type of fansite

When working on the relaunch one question was arising all the time – do we need gaming fansites in 2019? Some of you may remember the early 2000s when gaming fansites were the HOTSPOTS for the community to meet! But in times of Facebook, Pinterest, tumblr and YouTube do we really need fansites?  We believe fansites today need to be different from how they had to be in the past. That’s why we decided to set up snootysims in a different way. We won’t offer any forum and we also won’t post all the latest screenshots when a new expansion pack is ahead. What we want to be is a central platform where you will find all the great stuff created by the community in social media platforms and on community websites – as introduced, just like a mall you walk through!


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