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Custom Content and Downloads for The Sims 4

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Custom Content & Downloads

Custom Content (commonly abbreviated to CC) are things that you can add to your game such as hairs, clothes, accessories, textures, wallpapers, and objects.Mods/Modifications are not the same as Custom Content. Mods tend to enhance current game features and often introduce completely new game features. A lot of mods generally improve gameplay or make minor adjustments to how the game works. Mods and CC are created by players in the community and they work hard to bring new and exciting things to the game that ea/maxis may not do/may not have done yet.When downloading the community creations please remember to pay close attention to the creators TOU (terms of use).

Maxis Match vs Alpha CC

The two types of common custom content are Alpha and Maxis Match: Alpha CC looks more realistic while Maxis Match (or MM) is made to fit in with the original game/graphics maxis has created.


We often see questions about why hair highlights look very different in live mode from Create a Sim (ie in live mode the hair looks very streaky); this is usually caused by the game being played in laptop mode or with the graphics settings too low. It can also happen if your graphics card isn’t strong enough to support the poly count of the cc. It more commonly happens with alpha cc.

Missing a mesh?

If you have downloaded CC and this is the result when applying it to your sim, you’re most likely missing something called a mesh. This is what the creator of the CC has used in order to create the new version of it. When downloading CC, be sure to look in the description to see whether you need one, some CC will automatically come with a new mesh and others don’t. Your CC will always show like this until you download the mesh – so go back to the website you downloaded from and have a read, creators usually leave a link to the mesh you need to download.


CC is disabled automatically during game updates. You will need to re-enable custom content and script mods in your game settings. Then restart your game to have them working again. Some game updates may cause some mods and/or CC to break – so make sure you go back to the creator’s page to check for an updated version. Also, if cc is broken by a game update, wait for the most recent version of Sims 4 Studio to be released and do a batch repair of your cc.*


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