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Maxis Rolls Out Big Updates for The Sims 4

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In this month’s Maxis Monthly, SimGuruLyndsay (also known as the General Manager of The Sims, Lyndsay Pearson) and SimGuruGraham presented really big changes to the game. These changes are so huge that it affects the visual look of the game itself — but will not necessarily affect your overall gameplay. The rollout is slated to happen on 16th June 2019 for PC and Mac players.

Rebranding: “Fresh” and “Energetic”

Yesterday, The Sims Official Facebook Page debuted a taste of the game’s new look in a cover photo update. It revealed newer, younger Sims wearing newer items against a mostly-blue background. Also yesterday, SimGuruGraham tweeted that the items — clothes and hair and accessories — will come in the new update!

Even the packs will receive a new look, too!


New Main Menu Look

With the announcement of the rebranding, the SimGurus have also announced that the The Sims 4 Main Menu will also be dressed up!


New Loading Screen

Of course, the rebranding has also affected the in-game loading screen and the ever-present Plumbob. The loading screen will also have the new blue hue found in the Main Menu and the covers.

New CAS feature: Create a Story!

One of the most exciting updates made yesterday was this cool new feature that will hit CAS. SimGuruGraham revealed that CAS will offer a “create a story” feature where you can answer a quiz before creating a new Sim. Not bad for storyteller Simmers!

This new feature will lead players into a set of questions that have something to do with the new Sim’s appearance, behaviour, and lifestyle.

And here is the sample CAS screenshot once “create a story” is done. The outcomes of the “create a story” quiz will be shown on the left part of the CAS screen right under the traits section.

According the SimGurus, this feature can be skipped by the player anytime! So hurray for freedom to choose!

Biggest Update: More than a THOUSAND Build/Buy Items will unlocked 

This is undeniably the biggest of all the updates revealed by the SimGurus yesterday! More than a thousand Build and Buy objects will be unlocked at builders’ disposal! We used to be content with bb.showhiddenobjects cheat where we can just pick and select items that are available only in the current world where we’re building on. Now, with the new bb.showliveeditobjects cheat, that will be a thing of the past! All of the items available in the worlds outside where you’re building on will be made available to you with that special cheat! Imagine the building experience it will give! You can see a peek at the announcement of the unlocked items below.


All of these and more will be rolled out to PC and Mac Simmers are scheduled on 16th of June!



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