The Sims 3

The Sims 3: Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Live mode

Shortcut Result
Q Quit game
P or 0 Pause game
Enter Center on active Sim
+ – or Z X Zoom in/ Zoom out
WASD Move Forward/Left/Right/Back
, and . (or < and >) Move camera left and right
Ctrl + 5 through Ctrl 9 Save camera position
5 through 9 Recall camera position
V Start/End video capture
B Pause/Resume video capture
C Take snapshot
Esc Cancel
Tab Free camera mode
M Go to Map
F1 Go to live mode
F2 Go to Buy mode
F3 Go to Build mode
F4 Go to Story mode
F5 Open options
F10 Hide control panel
I Open Skill journal
J Open Adventure journal
1-2-3-4 Game speed: Normal-Fast-Ultra Fast-Ultra fast without stopping
Space or N Switch to next Sim
Page Up/Page Down Move up one floor/Move down one floor
Home/End Next/Previous wall mode
Alt + Enter Toggle Full-screen/Windowed mode


Buy/Build mode

Shortcut Result
H Hand tool
E Eyedropper tool
R Create-a-Style
L Day/Night toggle
T Top down view
K Sledgehammer tool
, and . (or < and >) Rotate object
Delete Delete object
Ctrl + Z/Ctrl + Y Undo/Redo
Ctrl + F Full/Quarter tile toggle
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